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ISPM 15, what exactly does that mean?


Wood is a natural product and can therefore contain living pests. These pests can hitchhike on wooden packaging and damage forests. The spread of these harmful organisms can be prevented by treating wooden packaging in accordance with ISPM 15.  ISPM15 applies to solid wood packaging for support, protection or transport of goods.

More and more countries are mandating that the requirements of ISPM 15 be met when importing wooden packaging. ISPM 15 does not apply to cross-border traffic within the European Union (including Switzerland). For countries that are not members of the EU, packaging wood and dunnage must meet the requirements in accordance with ISPM 15 in order to be imported into one of the EU countries. In this overview you will find the requirements per country.

Pallet in zijaanzicht

Before wooden pallets the ISPM15 requirement means that every pallet exported or imported outside the European Union must undergo a Heat Treatment (HT) or Dielectric Heating (DH) treatment. Readypal has 1 drying oven in which a Heat Treatment (HT) treatment is carried out. Heat Treatment is a heat treatment.  The pallets are heated until a core temperature of 56ᵒC or higher is reached for a period of at least 30 minutes.  Any type and size of wooden pallet can be treated with the Readypal HT. After treatment, the pallet receives the IPPC mark.

  • BE ISO country code (Belgium)

  • 000 3-digit registration number of practitioner

  • HT / DH Treatment method: Heat Treatment (HT), Dielectric Heating (DH)

More information about the mark can be found on the SMHV website.

Heat Treatment / ISPM 15 treatment for pallets

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