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Image by Jon Moore

The pallets that can still be repaired after sorting or collection are repaired. This always uses:

  • HT-treated 1st choice wooden planks in accordance with the pallet to be repaired.

  • Pressed blocks/bobbins that are HT-compliant.


Approved EPAL repairer

Readpal is an approved EPAL repairer. (EPAL 343)

This implies:


Working according to the specifications of EPAL (= European Pallet Association e.V.)

  • Monthly inspection by accredited body

  • Working with HT-treated wood with standardized dimensions

  • Working with certified EPAL blocks

  • Working with standardized nails (length, thickness, marking)

  • Under the supervision of control bodies WOOD and FAVV

  • Annual renewal of the EPAL license.

Benefits of Readypal pallet repair

  • As a company, you know how to convert your waste flow costs into revenue.

  • You reduce your ecological footprint by giving these pallets a second life in the circular economy. This saves kilometers, fossil energy sources and precious trees.

  • In the photo gallery below you can see our employees at work during the repair process.

Info, price, quotation for transport of pallets

If you would like more information about Readypal, our pallet offering and/or our transport service, wishes, please contact us without obligation!

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